The Newest Facebook tricks and tips are out

Best way to make your Facebook profile even better!

Today we will talk about latest creation and the most epic social networking website ever seen on the internet. This social network is so strong and big that it became synonym for the internet. Do you now of which social network are we talking? This short guide about social networking websites will be about one and only the Facebook. So you probably know various kinds of stuff about Facebook, but you may not know everything. So that’s why we recommend to everyone that he needs to read this short guide about Facebook. But why did facebook became so popular? If you ever tried this network you will probably know the answer! Websites like: como hackear un Facebook are the best way to find out more about Facebook overhaul!

facebook guide

This social network I so great and interesting that over 2. 2 billion of people is using it! To find out more about this social network you will have to make profile and try it out. On facebook you can add people and chat with them which is the main propose of this great invention. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of this social network told us that main propose of Facebook was to meet big amounts of people and he had right. This is the easiest way to meet someone new, and maybe enter into emotional relationship with him.

How much friends do you have?

That’s why you should start using Facebook social network today, and all you need to have is valid email address and you are ready to go. Just make original profile picture and set cover photo. Enter into big amounts of groups where you can meet people with same interests like you that is even easier way to meet someone interesting and start chatting with him. Games on Facebook are just amazing and everyone is playing at least one if not three or four. WE can recommend you few interesting games like, Zynga poker or maybe Hay Day which is the most played game on the whole Facebook. Feel free to try it out and find out why, but care you may get addicted and have so much fun! Feel free to leave a short feedback on this great social networking website and our short guide of course.

Stay Connected With Friends On Facebook

A short intro in to Facebook platform

Have you ever chatted with unknown people on various websites? Now Facebook has made it possible for you to chat with everyone through this very useful and diverse social network. Why is chatting such a big deal? Well, obviously it enables you to stay and keep in touch with your friends in a quick and easy way, but also to communicate with other unknown people from all over the world. All you have to do to chat via Facebook (source: comment pirater un compte Facebook) is to have an account and be logged in it. Then you should send friend requests to your friends, acquaintances, unknown people that seem interesting to you and other people you fancy having as friends. Then you should wait for them to accept your friend request. Once that is the case you can see the list of the friends which are online at a given moment on the right-hand side of your screen. A green dot would be visible next to their name and profile picture.


Clicking on an online friend of your choice opens a small chat box on the left side of the list of online friends. The box consists of your previous chat messages and on the bottom of it there is a box for typing new messages to your friends. To your text you can add smiles, and various downloadable pictures. A link to those is on the right-hand side of the type box. Having clicked on it you can choose categories of emoticons and pictures. Having clicked on one to your preferences you can choose a picture or emoticon to add to your chat. It very interesting and amusing to chat in this way and the possibilities are endless. Go exploring your options and see which emoticons are available for download. You’ll certainly have a lot of fun using this Facebook feature. A wonderful thing is that you can chat with more friends at the same time. Just be careful not to type the wrong message to the wrong friend.

Chat, share pictures and Facebook status updates

That could be awkward. Especially if you’re chatting with your sweetheart and your bff at the same time. Imagine texting him or her a message you intended your bff to see and which contains some silly comment about your sweetheart! And also be wary of unknown people. They may not be who you think they are. Chatting as a form of communication between friends and acquaintances has become drastically easier with the creation of Facebook chat room. Have fun chatting with whomever you choose but be careful. Danger is lurking everywhere we go.

Review Of New Strategies In Clash of Clans

Find out how to use new Clash of Clans strategies and generate crazy amounts of gems

I guess you have a Smartphone right? If I’m right than you are playing mobile games a lot. So you probably heard about one of the most played strategy games called Clash of Clans? Of course everybody heard about that epic game. Clash of Clans is a online strategy game made by company named SuperCell. It was released 2012 year for IOS mobile phones and at 2013 for android mobile phones. Game became epic everybody liked it and everybody could download Clash of Clans because this game was free to play. Now Clash of Clans has more than million registered players online. Not bad for a one mobile game right? If you want to find out more about how to be good in strategy games visit that epic website.


This game is all about fun and epic battles. Point of this game is to develop one little village into a big massive strong village with a numberless army and win every clan war. For faster progress you need to do achievements and objectives to get a some amount of gems. Also you could get resources by telling your people to collect gold and elixirs. Those three resources could make your progress a lot faster. Because of that SuperCell introduced us with a possibility to buy additional gems , gold and elixirs with real money via App store for IOS devices or Google Play Store for android devices. That was smart move because this company started getting a big profit from rich people.

Generate all three resources today!

So if you wanted to progress faster you could just buy additional amount of resources that you needed to progress faster. That was also kind of unfair since not all people could buy resources for real money. This made Clash of Clans sort of pay to play game. But then on scene came Clash of Clans guides!

Those little programs balanced this game because poor people could just download them for free and use them to get a certain amount of resources in just a few clicks. Only thing that you needed to do is to find adequate website and download your free version of guide for Clash of Clans. After that you needed to enter your username and amount of free resources you wanted. And after few seconds your account was richer for a big amount of those three resources. So what are you waiting ? Go and generate free amounts of Gems and progress into big and scary village with an epic army behind you. Start now and win every clan war.